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Who are we?

We first enthusiasts. Enthusiasts and professionals of information and particularly information via internet, this medium extraordinary revolutionary.
Because it allows those who are fortunate enough to have an Internet connection to access a wealth of information in all sectors, information once reserved for a small elite.

We're passionate. Passionnés Discovery World with a capital, of the Other, the addition of different. More particularly fascinated by the Indian Ocean and its natural resources, human and cultural. The Indian Ocean as we discover step by step for two years now ... and that holds so many treasures. We do not claim to be "connoisseurs, experts, specialists, etc ...." No, only two men and a woman who want to better understand and know this part of the world and particularly the island of Mayotte. And want to save their energy and professionalism in the service of that island who deserves so much. Thus was born of the meeting - fortuitous - for four people, with several places of interest in common and very complementary professionally.

Our main objectives?

    * You make people want to come to Mayotte, to stay a week or a month ... or even you there, while respecting its population, its fauna and flora.
    * To meet the travelers and business tourists who come to Mayotte and the various tourism stakeholders on site: hotels, lodges and guest houses, restaurants, "kebabs", airlines, responsible for water sports, romantic associations of fauna and flora, rental car and two wheels, travel agencies, fishermen may take you to the islands, music bars ...

Mayotte to show you from all angles, firstly the best but also the worse, finding places and addresses idyllic, find "good deals", Laurence, has traveled the island sides, look meeting, questions, photograph ...

Laurence, dynamic fifties, is a professional journalist (a graduate of Political Science and the 3rd cycle CELSA), the information service via Internet since 1996, elected among the "1000 french pioneers of the Internet." She has led, in particular, the website of various french and Prime Minister from October 2005 to December 2006, the tourist site of the private island of Reunion which, under his leadership and less one year, the first private tourist site of La Réunion, in the quality of online information as to the number of Internet consultant.

To allow you to "navigate" pleasant and useful on to find the information you are looking for the best, to locate on a map of a single glance, Sylvain (graduate of the IUT Services and Communication Networks) is in charge of the site. Having bathed since his childhood in the computer, it has indeed specialized in the field of programming and technical management.

Nicolas graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Sophia-Antipolis (CERAM Business School), is the coordinator of the team.

According to various associations and professional experiences in marketing, sales and project management, in 2005 he sailed for entrepreneurship. Having participated in the adventure of starting a business in a first start-up, he then became co-manager of two clubs and Business Editor on multiple web articles about entrepreneurship and the Internet.

It organizes the information online, coordinates the team and is also the manager. made his first steps on the Web in October 2007. Every day it will grow, with news, reports, descriptions of hikes on land and at sea, new géolocalisées addresses, practical tips, "good plans" ... tasty Soon Internet users will come to its view, telling his own experience of Mayotte and thus to enrich the site.

Bon voyage Feel free to write us!


Nicolas Basso
Coordinator and project manager
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Laurence de Susanne
Publishing Director and Editor
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Sylvain Jaune
Technical Director
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We also extend our thanks to
- Mr. Sébastien Alessi remaining at the initiative of this project.
- Jean-Jacques Rigal for these beautiful photos of the lagoon