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Best activities in Mayotte

Nature, wildlife and environment

Attend a nesting turtles: where, how?

Many sea turtles - green turtles, and fewer, hawksbill turtles - inhabiting the lagoon of Mayotte. Observed under water - without ever touching and standing at a distance - is exhilarating, to see them respond, with some very precise rules, is moving.

How to reach the islands on a beach or difficult to access?

Islands and deserted beaches inaccessible by foot, yet many heavenly Mayotte. Go to their discovery and play them the Robinson respecting wildlife and flora.

Sports and Recreation

The island Bandrélé Kayaking

Bandrélé The island is 2.5 km from the east coast of the island of Mayotte, opposite the fishing village of Nyambadao and slightly south-east of the beach Sakouli. It has a beautiful sandy beach clear on its west coast, ie the opposite side, a tiny beach on the north coast, and a beautiful falling on its north-east, a few meters from the shore.

Patrimoine et terroir

Une soirée chez Mouhamadi Toulaïbi, à Dapani

Pour passer une soirée étonnante, direction le village de Dapani, chez  Mouhamadi Toulaïbi dit « Kolo ».

Free tour of the Botanical Garden and the nursery of cocoons

There are relatively few rounds of visits to local heritage and to Mayotte. None are thus neglected.

Cottages and tables

The "skewer" stadium Cavani (Mamoudzou): a meal for 2.50 euros!

The "skewer" in Mayotte are an institution. The basic principle? Mothers, for their financial ends meet, set a table and some chairs on the roadside, a brazier, where pots of cooked fruit bread, bananas vegetables, cassava, small square zebus planted on spikes .

A Cavani (Mamoudzou), a street that is full of small "restaurants"

he small street of brick, in Cavani - Mamoudzou southern district ... not to be confused with Kaweni "industrial area" north of the capital of Mayotte - full of small restaurants, very varied.

Daily Life

A large grocery store opened on Sunday at Acou

Where to find what to buy a picnic on Sunday? In each village there are small stores open but found there is very brief: tins of sardines, canned food, rice, drinks and fresh bread rarely ...