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A Cavani (Mamoudzou), a street that is full of small "restaurants"

Brochetti de Cavani

he small street of brick, in Cavani - Mamoudzou southern district ... not to be confused with Kaweni "industrial area" north of the capital of Mayotte - full of small restaurants, very varied.

The advantage is that you can go from one to the other to choose and find a replacement if you visiez is closed.
So, in the same street, which runs from the departmental library loan Mayotte (BDP) at the roundabout Little Wolves, less than 300 meters you will find: the Ravinala , the Vahiné , want , the pike (cover) Chez Annick "and another unnamed skewer with one long table in the open air ...
And the evening is almost ... a busy street!
There is also, near the famous "Stage Brochette" with several long tables. It is a veritable institution. Limited menu but good: chicken wings (60CT euros each), mini-skewers of meat from zebu (30cts), slices of fruit bread or fried cassava, bananas fried vegetables (30 cents each), shredded papaya salad (30 cents). Fresh water at will!

Access: At roundabout Baobab - ask, everyone knows this roundabout - take the rue du Stade, alongside the sports stadium and about the height of the library, turn right onto this street with oblique in its right corner, the "want." You are the brick street.
The pike stage is at the very early stage from the roundabout of the Baobab, on the left, a little back.