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The "skewer" stadium Cavani (Mamoudzou): a meal for 2.50 euros!

Brochetti du stade de Cavani

The "skewer" in Mayotte are an institution. The basic principle? Mothers, for their financial ends meet, set a table and some chairs on the roadside, a brazier, where pots of cooked fruit bread, bananas vegetables, cassava, small square zebus planted on spikes .

Said Musa, who was born in Madagascar, had the ingenious idea to keep the concept but to exploit it "great." Several long tables, two large braziers, both covered for rainy days ... and a flow worthy of fast food.

On the menu: green papaya salad (0.30 cts), 4 skewers square zebu (0.30 cents each) or chicken legs (0.60 cents each), slices of fruit bread, cassava or vegetable-fried banana (0.30 cents each), a large bottle of fresh water, chilli. Next you have more or less hungry, the meal will cost between 2.50 and 3.50 euros.
Born 6 years ago, the brochette Stage Cavan became the best known of the island. Metro and Mahorais rub shoulders with a friendly, even if the context is irrelevant (just a few bougainvillea plant ...).
Hurry up and go: with the implementation in Mayotte of the Consumer Code since 1 January 2008 and including strict hygiene rules, the skewers may disappear. It is time then for Said Musa to return to his homeland to build a beautiful home ...

Access: follow the road along the sea and the marina Mamoudzou, let left Pointe Mahabou. Continue the road, pass the first roundabout. In the second-called roundabout Baobab, turn right onto the stage. The "skewer" Cavani stadium is located on the first roundabout, immediately to the left, near the stadium. Parking in front.