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Daily Life

A large grocery store opened on Sunday at Acou

Where to find what to buy a picnic on Sunday? In each village there are small stores open but found there is very brief: tins of sardines, canned food, rice, drinks and fresh bread rarely ...

In "P'tit bonheur", a delicious bakery to Chirongui

Guillaume came the first city four years ago, and has initiated the project: to create a bakery and, in particular, kneading by hand. Philippe has joined together and they made it prosper. Joliment called "Au P'tit bonheur", it is located in the south of the island, exactly Chirongui ...

At the airport of Mayotte (Dzaoudzi): several useful services

Dzaoudzi The airport is far from an international airport like Reunion or Mauritius. But three services, though useful, are proposed: a "baggage" effective and reliable, an air-conditioned bar with a beautiful view to await your flight or arrival of friends and a few shops.

Pants, dress shirt and tailored

The kings of the tailored clothing, but rather the Malagasy and Mauritian ...
But Mayotte, there are some fairy hands that make you tailor what you want. The price is higher, indeed, that in both countries mentioned but still reasonable.

And malaria?

Malaria exists in Mayotte, even if the risks are low catch. During the rainy period, ie from November to late March, the most "favorable" to mosquitoes, the hospital are a dozen cases a day to the maximum. For a population of 190 000 inhabitants. Which is low.

Where to buy fish?

The lagoon of Mayotte is an astonishing wealth. Canoes back every day in charge of fish and the fans of fishing will give joy to heart: grouper, snapper, master, break-pot, dolphinfish ... Avoid bonito often full of worms!