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And malaria?


Malaria exists in Mayotte, even if the risks are low catch. During the rainy period, ie from November to late March, the most "favorable" to mosquitoes, the hospital are a dozen cases a day to the maximum. For a population of 190 000 inhabitants. Which is low.

Tip: have with oneself dose ASAQ which combines a synthetic derivative of artemisinin, artesunate * (AS) to amodiaquine (AQ). This medicine (curative and preventive) can be very useful for those who travel regularly in areas where there is malaria. It is very effective and its cost is low (the benefits of artemisinin, has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, are widely cited by Alexandre and Sonia Poussin in their best seller "Africa Trek" and confirmed by WHO).

The most is that of infected Bandraboua (north-east of the island).

The predominant form of malaria in Mayotte-the Plasmodium falciparum - can be dangerous and lead to cerebral malaria.
It must protect against mosquitoes (clothing from the long dark, mosquito-type 5 on 5 "). It is not necessary-according to the doctors we interviewed-take preventive treatment when they come here on vacation.
If you have a fever and joint pain, you need to go to the hospital, which is never far from where you are as the island is small. We treat you and 2 or 3 days you will be re-established.