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At the airport of Mayotte (Dzaoudzi): several useful services

Avion sur le tarmac de l'aéroport de Dzaoudzi

Dzaoudzi The airport is far from an international airport like Reunion or Mauritius. But three services, though useful, are proposed: a "baggage" effective and reliable, an air-conditioned bar with a beautiful view to await your flight or arrival of friends and a few shops.

  • Arriving in Mayotte and can not find your luggage on the conveyor belt Your luggage is lost? As travel Europe> Mayotte is not direct, there is a call, it can happen.
    Report it to the "baggage Service " from the airport, leave your details and join your hotel, guest room or your friend's house without worry.
    Mayotte Air Service will call you: in almost all cases your luggage will arrive with the next flight identical to yours. Mayotte You leave and you have to wait 1 hour or more before boarding? A bar located on the 1st floor is the ideal place to wait. Air conditioning, tables overlooking the green hills of the island and the lagoon ...
  • You forgot to buy some souvenirs for your little brother or your best friend? Some shops allow you to catch up including a so-called zero-shop opened on 18 July 2008 . You'll find coffee with vanilla (4 euros a very nice bag ... against 3 at Jumbo Score), filigree jewelry made by Joanna of Pamandzi, the hibiscus jelly or baobab (6 euros a jar of 250g) of Lambas (large piece of cloth) for 4 euro 2 ...

 A note, finally, since June 2008, luggage trolleys are available.