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Where to buy fish?


The lagoon of Mayotte is an astonishing wealth. Canoes back every day in charge of fish and the fans of fishing will give joy to heart: grouper, snapper, master, break-pot, dolphinfish ... Avoid bonito often full of worms!

So where to buy fish in Mayotte?  


Four possibilities:  

  • Directly from fishermen. The villages are the most active: Hamjago (north), Hamouro and Nyambadao in the West, facing the island of Bandrélé. It is best to be there when the boats arrive (because the methods of conservation are rarely conform to hygiene standards). Generally early morning or 16h30/17h, knowing that it also depends on the schedule of the tides.
  • At the Copemay, the fishing cooperative in Mamoudzou, faced with the arrival of the barge, on the other side of the road. Again, no concern for hygiene. On your shell fish, and even empty you are pretty cut nets for certain types of fish. Between 5.50 and 15 euros per kg of fish. Open from 18h to 14h30 on Monday, from 9am to 18pm Tuesday to Saturday, with closure between 13h and 14h30.
  • In "Cap'tain Alandor" fish located near the center of Mamoudzou, on the road south of the island, leaving M'Tsapéré. Swordfish, grouper over, and many others. But carpaccio (fish cut into very thin strips), fish cleaning on request. Open from 18h to 14h30 on Monday, from 9 to 13h and from 14h30 to 18h Tuesday to Saturday. The skipper, Masseau Regis, also offers fishing trips to the big (palangrotte, trolling reef). Tel: 06 39 69 49 69.
  • At Jumbo Score, to Majicavo-LAMIRI (3 kms north of Mamoudzou), ray fish. Own but rather more expensive than elsewhere.