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How to reach the islands on a beach or difficult to access?

Réservez votre barque à l'avance

Islands and deserted beaches inaccessible by foot, yet many heavenly Mayotte. Go to their discovery and play them the Robinson respecting wildlife and flora.

You will find several options:

    * You have enabled your boat and you are several (at least 6 to amortize the high cost): rent a boat with Maliki. It will cost the same around 240 euros per day
    * Do you like sailing and do not get seasick: mount the catamaran "Manga Be," with Michel praised his skipper. This catamaran has several activities: charter for the weekend or for several days, exit dive bottles ... So do you in advance! Price negotiable.
    * You prefer kayaking? Anthony, patron saint of "Sous le vent" on the beach Sakouli you rent kayaks and deliver well profiles throughout the area south of the island. So you can leave the place you have chosen. Cost: depends on your starting point - around 30 euros for the day by kayak.
    * You prefer the speed of two large engines and you want more, see dolphins or whales, depending on the season: put your bags on one of three boats from Sea Blue Safari on tires (zodiac type) from Lagoon Adventure or on Discover those of Mayotte (the first two boats providers offer more comfort).
      Cost for the day including lunch: 65 to 70 euros.
    * You want to be taken by a fisherman Mahorais? It is quite possible. But beware: the rules are strict. Only fishermen with boats to European standards (buoyancy etc ...) and ladle CACPP patent (certificate of aptitude and ability small fishing) have the right to take you on board. And then only on weekends and in the vicinity of their home port. As their main activity must be the fishing - for which they receive subsidies - and they should not compete unfairly providers of water activities.
      Yamaha boats that we see across the lagoon, even equipped with life jackets, are not standards.
      To date - October 2008 - only two fishermen are allowed to take passengers on their boat (a "Munyawera). Four other boats have started a process of approval for this type of activity but has not yet been completed: see our address book.
      Also note: do you make it clear that your group is indeed the only score of the day. Some fishermen "on bookent" the boat and you drop out for 2 hours on a beach or an island while dealing with another group!
      Cost of boat for the day: between 60 and 90 euros. Meals: 5 to 7 euros per person.

Address Book

Allowed fishermen

(list compiled after a survey of the Directorate of Maritime Affairs-update: January 2009)

 They each have a boat type Munyawera capable of carrying up to 6 passengers plus pilot

    * Mirghani M'COLO - 02 69 62 09 32 or 06 39 21 27 97 to Nyambadao (south-east of the island).
      The boat is called Rehema Djema (DI registered 925,769). Its activity is allowed on weekends between Nyambadao - the ilot Bandrélé - Bambo the island - the island of white sand
    * Abu MLADROU to Pamandzi (Small-Land) - 06 39 22 90 05
      The boat is called Remembrance of Mayotte (registered WFP 1583). Its activity is allowed on weekends between Little Earth - Bouzi island - island Hajangoua - Islets Mtsanga

Fishermen without permission
Islands and beaches of the South

    Colo *
      Mobile: 06 39 66 89 75
    Idriss *
      Mobile: 06 39 20 40 82

Islands and beaches of the North

    * Attoumani (restaurant "The Choisil" to Hamjago)
      Tel: 02 69 60 52 36
      Mobile: 06 39 27 40 13
    * Piré: fisherman to avoid.
    Abdou *
      Mobile: 06 39 66 36 87