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How to see the whales?

Sea Blue Safari 2

Humpback whales and their calves, just born, laze and frolic in the lagoon July to October , each year. Enjoy your stay in Mayotte to start their meeting.

Three companies offer these "whale safaris" Sea Blue Safari (with three vessels particularly well equipped and adapted), Adventure Lagoon and Mayotte discovery .

Starting around 8:30 to 17:30 and back to the marina Mamoudzou (if you live in Little Earth, it will take you directly there).
Rates: 65 euros per adult (50 for children under 12 years), including meals , sipped on a nice sandy beach or a wild island.

A new provider is published in July 2008: "Mahorais Mwaba ( tel: 06 39 69 13 28 ), based in Little Earth. Its semi-rigid tire offers 12 places. Same rates as the first three.

You can also choose to go with a fisherman but in these cases choose one with the appropriate permissions and an unsinkable boat, type Munyawera.

This is less "pro" that the four companies above and less rich in information, but more folk!
You can mount up to six in the boat. The price is usually 80 euros for the boat, whatever your number + 7 euros per person for the picnic. The start time between 8am and 9am 30, depending on the tide. More details here .