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The island Bandrélé Kayaking

Bandrélé The island is 2.5 km from the east coast of the island of Mayotte, opposite the fishing village of Nyambadao and slightly south-east of the beach Sakouli. It has a beautiful sandy beach clear on its west coast, ie the opposite side, a tiny beach on the north coast, and a beautiful falling on its north-east, a few meters from the shore.

Rent a kayak on the beach Sakouli, either O'Lolo north of the beach or "Sous le vent" in Anthony, left the hotel Sakouli where kayaks, well shaped, progressing quickly.

Simply go to 14 - and therefore to rent just one afternoon: 20 minutes maximum crossing long swimming with mask and snorkel on the falls, sunbathing on the beach where you can enjoy on the beach of the island, the light of late afternoon because you are facing West. For the more dynamic, go round the block.

Go back to the beach paddling Sakouli the sun in his eyes, and finish your day around the coffee tables of "Sous le vent" with a pancake and fresh fruit juice, simply admiring the caress of the last rays of the sun ignite the sand of the island every night.