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Discover Mayotte

Overview of Mayotte

The site is abundant information and is enriched every day. But for the traveler who wants a few lines and some photos, feel Mayotte, understand whether the island will give him what he seeks, we made this page. Necessarily brief but without jargon. On each topic, if you wish, thanks to links, you can deepen your information.

The most beautiful beaches of Mayotte

Take control of the tourist map IGN to not get lost and follow us to discover the most beautiful beaches of Mayotte. Often deserted, hemmed turquoise water and flats regularly "grazed" by the turtles and ending with walls of coral (the "wall") inhabited by fish, all within 300 meters from the shore !

Diving at Mayotte: treasures in a vast lagoon waters safe

Mayotte diving is a great abundance of corals of all shapes and a wide variety of tropical fish in a huge lagoon with safe water. The other particularity of this lagoon is to have a double barrier reef: one away from the coast of 3 to 15 km, almost continuously around the island, cut by several passes, one of which, the happening in S, is known worldwide in the middle of the dive. And the second at 200 or 300 meters from the shore, therefore, accessible without any difficulty with fins, mask and snorkel and often very beautiful (especially in the south around the peninsula Sazilé, south of Bouéni, in the west, off the beaches Tsohoa, Mliha .... and around the islands of Bandrélé, Bambo, Choazil ...)

Hiking at Mayotte

The island of Mayotte is small - 374 km2 or 25 times more than exigüe Corsica - but rich in walks and hikes, mostly easy. Come on, without danger, to meet the exuberant vegetation (coconut, mango, badamiers, banana trees, giant bamboo, wild orange and lemon), inhabited adorable maki (small monkeys) of drongos (birds) and zebu of foxes (large bats) with songs, small grunts or screams accompany you throughout your trip.

Fauna and Flora at Mayotte Island

Piece of land located between Africa and Madagascar, Mayotte is enriched by organic inputs from both sides. Still preserved for economic development too - for how long? - This island is truly a destination "nature." On land and in the lagoon, there is abundant wildlife and rich original.

A young, multicultural, and growing Muslim population

Mahoran population today is the result of a mixing between the populations of Bantu origin and the various waves of immigration, mainly Madagascar. In 1978, Mayotte host 46 965 inhabitants, in 2007 it nearly 190 000 inhabitants. The high birth rate and immigration, mostly illegal are the source of this growth very important.