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Hiking at Mayotte


The island of Mayotte is small - 374 km2 or 25 times more than exigüe Corsica - but rich in walks and hikes, mostly easy. Come on, without danger, to meet the exuberant vegetation (coconut, mango, badamiers, banana trees, giant bamboo, wild orange and lemon), inhabited adorable maki (small monkeys) of drongos (birds) and zebu of foxes (large bats) with songs, small grunts or screams accompany you throughout your trip.

Easy hikes, but with a cautionary note: the paths and the GR (Grande Randonnée trail that almost all around the island) are not always very well maintained. Vegetation can hinder walking and you scratch calves ... But the dirt tracks, by broad definition, do not exhibit this problem. Just a ford to cross from time to time.
And do not forget to wear running shoes or walking shoes small (flip flops full of red mud slide terribly), a hat, your mosquito repellent and water.
Here is a list of major hikes and walks:

    * The 12 steps of GR (red route on the map IGN to 25 000 th). With a length of 10 to 18, 8 kms. Little accommodation in the GR, and not at all between Chirongui and M'Tsamboro.
    * The peninsula of Handrema (up Mtsanga Parouani known as Prefect of the beach)
    * The track Bouyouni-Combani
    * The track (all new) Dzoumogné-Acou
    * The Governor's House
    * Beaches Sazilé
    * Around the Lake Karian
    * The Trail padzas of Bouéni
    * From the beach Tsingoni Soho
    * M'Tsangadoua - beach Fanou
    * Hajangoua - Bandrélé forest reserve by the ridges of the north
    * Bandrélé - Mréréni Be - Bandrélé called the Trail porters
    * Mont Choung
    * Tour du Lac Dzaha and down to the beaches of Moya (Small-Land)
    * From the beach to Badamiers Papan beach, at low tide (Small-Land)
    * Track Voundzé (near Tsararano)
    * Track the nursery Baraka (near Dzoumogné)


    * The Topo-Guide of the French Federation of Hiking (RSFF) entitled "The island of Mayotte on foot." The 12 stages of GR are described in detail.
    * 47 walks and hikes in Mayotte - Marie-Céline Moatty - Editions Orphie

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