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The most beautiful beaches of Mayotte

Plage du Préfet

Take control of the tourist map IGN to not get lost and follow us to discover the most beautiful beaches of Mayotte. Often deserted, hemmed turquoise water and flats regularly "grazed" by the turtles and ending with walls of coral (the "wall") inhabited by fish, all within 300 meters from the shore !

Our favorite tracks (except for white patches): the range of the Prefect, Tsoha Beach, Beach Sazilé Be, beach Soho, the small beach Lighthouse, the beach north of the island M'Tzamboro

Accuracy: M'Tsanga - or Mtsanga - means "beach" in Chimaoré.

     * In the North
     * In the East
     * In the South
     * In the West
     * The beaches of the islets
     * Some other beaches

At the extreme north
Beach "Prefect"

This sandy beach lined with clear transparent water is located on the north coast of the peninsula itself in the extreme north of the island, known as "Rassi Douamounyo" (at the height of the figure "56 "the IGN map). The peninsula is also called the peninsula Handrema.

     * The sand is almost white
     * They often see turtles
     * The fall is beautiful
     * Overall m'Tzamboro on the island and the language of white sand which gradually disappear as the sea rises.
     * Trees or shrubs can be in the shade until early afternoon (then the orientation of the sun does not allow more)


He must walk for 40 minutes to get there. For us, this is rather a strong point because, in addition to the path (a mule-track) is superb, often on the crest, the distance deters many. Result: This beach is often deserted and preserved. Only a few boats come to a picnic.

Park your car on the small platform in the big bend of the hairpin ( "views" on the IGN map). If you raise your head to the hill behind you, you will see the radar to detect illegal boats from Anjouan ... The path is at the beginning, unfortunately littered with rubbish, but this does not last.

Take good shoes, the path is slippery in the final meters.
In the East
Sakouli Beach (East)

Beach gray-black. The sea can be rough during strong trade winds ie between July and October.
Two beautiful bars in the woods with varangue and superb view of the ocean and the island but also enable Bandrélé snacks are installed at both ends of the beach. On the left, watching the sea, near the hotel is Sakouli South Explo (directed by Antoine), right space Mayotte sail / O'Lolo with small fares under which shelter and coffee tables chairs (plastic, unfortunately).

In both places: kayaks rental-stage sailboarding. With a slight preference for kayaks South Explo profiles better, lighter and therefore faster (15 euros for half a day).

     * A beautiful fall on the left of the beach watching the ocean
     * Possibility of kayaking excursion to the island of Bandrélé (allow 35 minutes each way). On this island beautiful beach facing the coastline sometimes taken by assault the weekend by "bivouaqueurs. Funds around the island are especially beautiful in the extreme north / northwest of the island.
     * No need to bring your picnic salads, sandwiches, pancakes and ice in the two bars.


     * The dark sand sea often making trouble
     * Waves sometimes powerful, almost dangerous days of strong trade winds

Beach Bambo Est

It is after the village of Beach Music and Bandrélé - appreciated by some but not by us as too close to the road. Enter the village of Bambo Est, park in front of the shop Dahimena Fredo, Patron and 'Bambo Ocean "baptismal name of the restaurant and guest rooms, located just behind, facing the sea

     * Long and beautiful white sand beach. Presence of a magnificent baobab tree.
     * Few popular
     * Jolie "back beach" flat and planted with coconut trees. Some barbecue areas available to all


Cars come to the edge of the beach and make the background music
Range Saziley (Sazile Be - The Far South East)

This large beach of golden sand is in the extreme south-east of the island just before the point of the same name, on the common Bandrélé. The other three beaches - black sand on the other side of the Point are also beautiful face and the amazing island composed entirely of white sand (not a tree, without a rock) said ... "Mtsanga Tsoholé" or "islands of white sand."
Baobab (Adansonia digitata) on the beaches and inland, now Saziley and nowhere else, the Borassus palm.
La Pointe de Saziley was purchased largely by the Conservatoire du Littoral. It is a marine protected area (Marine Park status).

     * The falling away from 250 to 300 m, is particularly beautiful. Beautiful corals, great diversity of fish and large fish.
     * It is a place for nesting sea turtles
     * Non-crowded as accessible only by sea or by a trail - easy and pretty-who share M'Tsamoudou (count a little over an hour). It is also in this village that we can find a fisherman to take you there in his "Yamaha" (the boat's most popular Mayotte).


     * The trails - many on the point - are not well marked and poorly cleaned. Better to have long pants ... and a good anti-mosquito
     * A lot of flights. Entrust your business when you go swimming with someone who stays on the beach ... and the monitors! (valid for all tracks but even more appreciated by those M'Zungus).

In the South
Range N'Gouja

The most famous of the island. Because of its many turtles frolic without fear about ten meters from the edge, because of its beautiful majestic baobab trees planted on the sand, due to its finished with a pontoon that faré 'you see on all the postcards, and because of his hotel-restaurant, the more "luxury" of the island with the hotel Sakouli.

Famous, beautiful and great.

     * This is the most popular (with Beach Music), and especially by the Metropolitan
     * At the time of high tides and strong winds from south-west beach is reduced to the bare minimum.


Cross the island to its narrowest point in the direction of Chirongui, go up then down Mzouazia this beautiful coast by CTC 4. Do not enter into the private parking, park before (at the height of the figure 48 on the IGN map).
Bambo Ouest

We rank in the South because, even though it is facing west, this beach is located in what Mahorais call "the south", in fact this whole area that lies south of 'isthmus Chirongui)

Great beach beautiful arc. Many children are fun because it borders the village of the same name.

Make a stop at the small coffee shop called ... "Quartier Latin" (sic!) Located along the beach, nestled under the trees.

A great day trip, starting from the south and cross the bay to swim with mask, fins and snorkel to its northern end. On a beautiful fall leaves to reach the deep blue sea and then we find the fall.
Gouel Beach & South Beach Bouéni

Respectively beaches of the hotel "Turtle Bay" and the cottage "The case of Robinson"
Same comment as for Bambo Ouest

Beautiful beaches with fine walls (especially in front and right-when you look at the lagoon-the entrance to "The case of Robinson").
Gray-brown sand clear.
Their big strength: the turtles are likely to come and lay at night.
Relatively little traffic (almost exclusively by the occupants of the hotel or B & B).

In the West
Tahiti Beach

(or single-Mtsanga Mtsanyounyi map IGN gives it this name!)

Fairly well known. Clear sand beach, especially nice in its south, and away from the noise.
Two snack bars are installed. The latest is installed directly on the beach and made a little bit of decoration. Closed the evening.

As can be accessed on the edge of the beach with his car, nobody discomfort! And what's worse than a car under the coconut trees!
Soho range

One of the longest beaches of Mayotte tree. Perfect for a jog! Beautiful light brown sand. Quite lively due to its proximity to Soho, and clearly appreciated the Mayotteans. To be more quiet, go to the end of the beach, opposite compared to the village. Two fares with table and benches can picnic qu'assis more comfortably on his towel. Unfortunately, the approaches are not always perfect ...

Walk up along the West Coast. Go Chirongui, Poroani, Sada, Chicon.

You arrived here in SoHo. You can go by car to the beach or leave your car in the village and the 600 m which separates you walk, which will give you the opportunity to cross the inhabitants of the village.
Range Mliha

Lovely small sandy beach lined with coconut trees clear after M'Tsangamoudji. Shelter in the shade. Generally quiet.

Contrary to what is written in the guides, the path does not just behind the hut Mliha (open again since March 2008), but further back in the village, between two fences, one plant, another sheet. Fairly steep, left a few pineapples and mangoes. At the top, do not take the road to the left hand. Go straight. You through a field of banana trees, you bend beneath the branches of an orange. 15 minutes walk in total.
Beach Fanou

Very nice beach often deserted, sandy plain, at the end of the peninsula of Acou.

Go by car to the extreme south of Mtsangadoua. Park your car near the football field, cross it in the longitudinal direction. A path on the hillside, and then feel on the right across cultures, will take you 15 minutes to Mtsanga Fanou.
Range Tsoha

Still a very nice clear sandy beach in a green, lined with coconut trees. It lies south of M'Tzamboro which can be seen also from the beach. Beautiful views also on the northern islands. Stay until sunset.

One often sees the two kinds of turtles that exist in Mayotte, the green and the hawksbill. Joli falling when the water is clear.

On the road sign indicating the beach. Just over 5 minutes down through a field of banana and cassava.

The islands beaches

We give here the list of beaches that do not disappear at high tide!
Beach north of the island M'Tzamboro

(north-east of the island)

Great sandy beach clear arc; beautiful walk in the hill-top, mid-orange semi-savages who are under oranges in May-June Some bangs butt beach occupied in part by illegal immigrants. There is also a small sandy beach east side, facing the coast.
Beach west of the island Bandrélé

(south-east of the island)

Sand plain. The pleasure of being in the east of the island ... and enjoy, however, the sun.
Accessible by renting a kayak at Mayotte or sail south-Explo
Beach islet Bambo Est

Sand plain. Accessible by renting a kayak from Ocean Bambo

Some other beaches
The range of Trevan

12 km north of Mamoudzou.

Sandy beach dark bordered by the oldest hotel-bar-restaurant on the island is the beach, near the main city of Mayotte. The terrace of the hotel, slightly increased, the sea is licking its steps during high tides. The pool is reserved for hotel guests and restaurant. Diving club and rental of jet ski the left of the beach
Beach M'Titi

(peninsula of southern Sada)

Beware, there are several beaches with that name in Mayotte.
Tiny beach, a starting point, the days of high tide, a walk across the island dried up. Fun.
Range Founboni

near M'Tzamboro
Plage du Phare

(indicated by a sign on the road - called Mtsanga Milouani on the IGN map)

Between Hajangoua and Hamouro. The two lighthouses are represented by two stars on the IGN map.
Very nice beach but subject to theft. This is the most beautiful beach and the closest to Mamoudzou, south side.
Park your car near the first lighthouse.

Laurence de Susanne -

Watch out for turtles!

Marine turtles abound in Mayotte. This is one of the riches of the island.
Avoid swimming at low tide - There are up to four meters tidal Mayotte - because you trample on the grass that they feed the turtles. Without grass, eventually, they come over.