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Nature, wildlife and environment

La baleine à bosse, acteur spectaculaire du lagon de Mayotte

Dans les eaux turquoise de l’immense lagon quasiment fermé de Mayotte s’ébattent, chaque année, de juillet à fin octobre, des dizaines de baleines à bosse et leurs baleineaux. C’est là que ce mammifère remontant de l’Antarctique où, durant les mois de novembre à juin, il a fait le plein de plancton, vient se livrer à des parades nuptiales, mettre bas, allaiter puis éduquer son baleineau. Durant toute cette période, la baleine ne se nourrira quasiment pas !

Les plus beaux spots de plongée de Mayotte

Le lagon de Mayotte est l’un des plus vastes lagons coralliens du monde, d'une superficie de 1500 km2 et d’une largeur qui varie de 3 à 15km. Il entoure l’île. Sa profondeur est en moyenne de 30 à 50 mètres, jusqu’à  80 mètres dans les passes.

C’est un paradis rare pour les plongeurs, et, sur certains spots, pour le palme-masque-tuba. Mais quels sont les principaux spots de plongée de Mayotte ? Où se situent-ils et qu’y trouve-t-on essentiellement ?

Une journée à N’Gouja

N'Gouja beach is the most famous of the island ... And if it goes there on weekdays, the more beautiful because nature reasserts itself in the calm. Y spending a whole day is a "must" for any trip to Mayotte. And if swimming with turtles and lie on the sand plain, under the baobabs are already a delight, this is not the only pleasures of this little paradise located in the extreme south-west of the "island lagoon .

Lake Karian, the shelter of moorhens and small waders

Cries of birds, water lilies, green infinite diversity of the tour of the lake Karian (Dziani Karihani in Chimaoré) near the village of Tsingoni, is a rare and amazing trip, which lasted 50 minutes. Ideally, it should be done early in the morning before the heat of the sun or late afternoon.

The dugong, a strange mermaid sursis

The dugong: there are fewer than ten in the lagoon of Mayotte ... cross the lucky few, especially in the S Pass or off Badamiers near Little Earth.

The most beautiful beaches of Mayotte

Take control of the tourist map IGN to not get lost and follow us to discover the most beautiful beaches of Mayotte. White sand, tan, brown or black depending on the case. Often deserted beaches. Often hemmed turquoise water and flats regularly "grazed" by the turtles and ending with walls of coral (the "wall") inhabited by fish, all within 300 meters from the shore!

A discovery of mangrove Mayotte

Go and discover the mangrove Mayotte worth the trip! Even if sometimes you plague because it is contaminated by waste from the nearby village, despite the natural cleaning due to tides (important Mayotte: maximum tidal reaches four meters).

Bivouac at Saziley: a night with the turtles

Two days and a night on the beach near the Saziley beautiful wooden house of the Conservatoire du Littoral. Program: "fins-mask-snorkel on the beautiful fall located about ten meters from the edge, lazing under the baobab trees, and ... discreet observation of turtles nesting at night.

A meet with dolphins and terns

One hundred dolphins "Stenella", terns resting on a small white island least known as the Pointe de Saziley, white crab in the mangroves: Possible meetings throughout the year in Mayotte

Day Dream islands to the North-East: Choazil and M'Tsamboro

The islands that dot the lagoon is one of the major attractions of the island of Mayotte: blank of any construction, lined mostly by beautiful funds and small sandy beaches, deserted during the week anyway and never crowded . Spend a day is a dream.