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Une journée à N’Gouja

Plage de N'Gouja

N'Gouja beach is the most famous of the island ... And if it goes there on weekdays, the more beautiful because nature reasserts itself in the calm. Y spending a whole day is a "must" for any trip to Mayotte. And if swimming with turtles and lie on the sand plain, under the baobabs are already a delight, this is not the only pleasures of this little paradise located in the extreme south-west of the "island lagoon .

Beach N'Gouja spreads its white sand along a large cove slightly curved, situated on the commune of Kani-Keli. A small ten huge baobab trees, planted majestically on the sand, emerging from the tropical vegetation that surrounds it. The light sand gives the ocean a beautiful color that ranges from turquoise and jade. The long boardwalk that juts into the ocean, ending in a faré is the most famous place on the island of Mayotte: it appears on many postcards.

Three other stars for the beach: sea turtles, many to frolic without fear about ten meters out and maki attracted to bananas too often given generously by visitors ... And behind the baobab trees, well integrated, a hotel-restaurant the more "luxury" of the island with the hotel Sakouli, with 18 bungalows, including 8 refurbished.

Swim with turtles: easy and safe. You can not miss them because there are really many (hundreds). But be careful: swimming is only permitted in the middle of the range (from low tide and it is imperative to take the channel, lined with orange buoys). This area is more or less bounded by colored buoys (white with bird droppings!). On the right, looking at the ocean, space is reserved for recreational boats and left, beyond the box "swimming" is simply banned all human activity. Look carefully at the sign that tells you all this, on the right just before reaching the beach itself.
Famous, beautiful and so great.
Famous is the busiest (with Beach Music) and especially by the Metropolitan.
Belle: undoubtedly.
Great, yes, but at the time of high tides and strong winds from the south-west range is reduced to the bare minimum.

Once you've taken advantage of falling and sand, you must restore. Three solutions:

    * Picnic you've made (for bread, do you refuel at the bakery "Au Petit Bonheur" of Chirongui)
    * The restaurant "Maoré Garden" (on a beautiful terrace overlooking the beach. Dishes: between 19 and 26 euros, desserts between 9 and 11 euros)
    * The local cuisine restaurant and simple, "The Baobab Three", located on the beach M'Bouanatsa, 2 kms north of the beach N'Gouja. Food to 6 or 7 euros.

In the afternoon, from 14h, you can choose from the lagoon with the team "Lagon Maoré" whose small reception building is located on the beach, right next to the dock.
Program: dolphin and whale safaris, hikes mask, fins and snorkels on reef flats and drop-offs surrounding islands to escape ( "white island" near the Point Saziley) M'Tsamboro, Choazils, depending on the tide and the weather ...
Rates: 50 euros per half-day, with drinks (78 euros per day with meals and drinks). Minimum 6 people. -30% For children under 12 years.

The "Maoré Lagoon" is also a diving club, led by Bruno. ... Open since 1981, it is responsible diving courses up to level II FFESSM.

For details of these various institutions mentioned, see cons below our address book.


Cross Island at its narrowest point towards Chirongui go up and down this Mzouazia beautiful coast by CTC 4. Do not enter the private entrance of the hotel-restaurant "Le Jardin Maori", park in front (at the height of the figure 48 on the IGN map), except during the week and outside school holidays.
Parking fee of "Garden Maoré" on weekends and during school holidays: 20 euros that will be returned if you decide to dine at the restaurant.

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