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Circulate on the island: a wonderful pleasure of eyes!

Take the flying Mayotte is a real treat! We follow the coast or that it crosses the island (three roads to go from East to West or vice versa). Nevertheless, attention to people walking along the road (particularly children), the zebu, the goats and chickens that cross beneath your wheels. Especially at night because, in the bush, no lighting.

A slide show of your dreams in front of your eyes: lagoon with multiple shades of blue, with its mangrove mangroves, peninsulas mostly totally free from any habitation, the exuberant tropical vegetation (coconut, mango, banana, baobab trees, ylang-ylang, giant bamboo, cinnamon, agave, ...).

Remember, even when not watching the road and your mirrors because, as everywhere, there are drivers, drivers without licenses and young people who are crazy about their two wheels!

Some Mamoudzou congestion around rush hour but-fortunately-this is far from meeting the huge congestion of La Reunion, very disabling for all and especially for the economy.
The park-like auto-population is growing at full speed: it is obvious that if the "authorities" n'anticipent not a worsening problem of the traffic situation threatens Mayotte.

The quality of roads is good: bitumen everywhere. Few holes.
Three flaws: the edges of roads are not "net" and often unmarked, some roads do not have central marking and especially there is very little lighting except Mamoudzou and villages. And even then, that light is sometimes confidential.

Slow down heavily on arrival in each village: there are many children in Mayotte, some of which, unfortunately, left entirely to themselves, and which are likely to cross in front of your wheels. Several villages are fortunately equipped with barriers along sidewalks and speed bumps and feature a panel of speed limit to 30 km / h.
A Mamoudzou, roundabouts abound.

He also "tracks" of land, often beautiful and in perfect condition and are accessible to ordinary cars a little high. But rather park your car on the side and continue on foot. Thus you will respect the environment, to hear the songs of birds and jumps maki in the branches. You will meet and fauna and flora ... and, in addition to last argument to try to convince the all-car "- you save to your vehicle to be covered by a thick dust! Attention also guets where the river level may rise sharply in times of rain.

Finally, evidence of a real economic take-off of Mayotte and the efforts of the french State, General Council and municipalities to better equip the island there is a lot of work on the island: new secondary schools, expansion of the hospital Mamoudzou, creation of the covered market, the bus station, still Mamoudzou, construction of a new maternity Dzoumogné, extending Port Longoni ...

Laurence de Susanne -

7 stations for watering your vehicle!

    There are seven stations in Mayotte - all stamped Total - offering all types of gasoline and gas oil at the same price in the mainland (eg 30 August 2007 at the 95 liter unleaded costs 1, 29 euro). A particularity: some people have purchasing power so low - the illegal immigrants, not to name them - the gas station for selling ... for a single euro of gasoline!

    The seven stations are located at: Dzoumogné, Longoni, Majicavo-Koropi (Jumbo Score), Kaweni in the suburbs "industrial" Mamoudzou (which sells 14 000 liters per day) passamainty / tsoundzou 1, Chirongui, Padmanzi (Small Earth ).