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Day Dream islands to the North-East: Choazil and M'Tsamboro

L'îlot Choazil et sa langue de sable blanc

The islands that dot the lagoon is one of the major attractions of the island of Mayotte: blank of any construction, lined mostly by beautiful funds and small sandy beaches, deserted during the week anyway and never crowded . Spend a day is a dream.

Not content to be on a tropical island there is an additional scene to take a boat - there are many possibilities, see the "tip" below against - and to compete on its confetti paradise.

The beauty of the islands Choazil (or Choisil) has two specific features:  

  • Language of a long undulating white sand stretching from the island Choazil the furthest west (on the map Mamlandzamiayajou IGN) to a large rock, the language of all the greater because the sea is low
  • Funds pretty rich corals and fish, to the south - west of the island and often very clear. Unlike the white island located southeast of Mayotte, which has no funds of interest.

It should also be asking a few hours on the big island of M'Tsamboro 2, 5 km northwest of the islands Choazil. Hides, turned towards the south-west, a long sandy beach straw yellow to turquoise (range Antakoudja). Here, a few trees you are home for a picnic. A path up the hill, full of wild orange (full of glitches but good: they are ripe in June). At the north end of the beach house where a few bangs and illegal fishermen. The fall is beautiful but far enough away from the beach (750m).

A going or returning, ask the boat that you have chosen to stop at the white sandbar located in the east of the island of M'Tsamboro and flush with more or less - always with the coefficient of the tide is a delight to run, water calf.

Some tips:  

  •    Check the tide timetables  
  •    If the weather is not good (sun and calm sea), refer  
  •    If you want to play Robinson, avoid weekend is one of the favorite places of M'Zoungous - the name given by the Metropolitan Mahorais living in Mayotte
  •    Do not mask, snorkel and fins (a few blocks around the current Choazil)  

Tip: block is "chissioua in Chimaoré

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