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The Guerlain Plantation's at Combani

La Plantation Guerlain

At 800 meters from the center of Combani on both sides of a track of red earth, planting Guerlain aligns its rows of ylang-ylang, and coconut alley. A nice closing ylang flowers painted wrought iron gate on a still, the house of perfumer beautiful in its simplicity, planted in the middle of a garden care. Beautiful remains ... which are worth visiting.

It always calls the Plantation Guerlain. .. But now this plantation of several hectares of ylang-ylang is more than up to 20% at the famous perfumer, Jean-Paul Guerlain, the other 80% was purchased by Sam Aziz, head of company of Indian origin, born in Madagascar and the head including the Somaco, a leading distributor of Mayotte.
During 7 years - from 1995 to 2002 - Jean-Paul Guerlain planted and operated there to Combani in the heart of Mayotte, hectares of ylang-ylang. A tree that bears yellow flowers and sweet fragrance spellbinding including the Comoros and Madagascar are the largest producers worldwide. But he was pinned by the labor inspectorate to him for having used illegal workers to pick flowers. Jean-Paul Guerlain then slammed the door and decided to settle in the neighboring island of Anjouan.

Since then, the operation floundering, stills ronronnent increasingly rare. Saturday Aziz hoped that the planting is revived but also - against the advice of its creator - that this place becomes a tourist mecca, with some fifty luxury bungalows and perhaps a spa scented with ylang.

Take 3 CTC which share Passamainti, a few kilometers south of Mamoudzou. Great road! Go Vahibé, Mirereni. In the center of Combani a panel, right from Vahibé, said "Hold hill. Take this road straight on 800 m. you are at the Plantation Guerlain.

Price of tour: 5 euros without distillation, with 10.
Tel: 02 69 62 40 57 - 06 39 69 03 09

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The sector Mahoran losing

Discovered around 1740 in Malaysia by the french botanist Pierre Poivre, ylang-ylang was introduced to the Comoros in 1909.
One hectare of ylang-ylang produces between 900 kilograms and 1.5 tons of flowers which are taken 18 to 30 kg of distilled essence. It takes 45 kilos of this yellow flower harvested almost throughout the year to get 1 kg of extract. The gasoline component of many perfumes famous Chamade Guerlain, l'Air du temps by Nina Ricci, Patou Sublime of Opium or Saint Laurent.
Mayotte exported 14 tonnes in 1996, 18 tons in 1999 ... and 6 tons in 2007. "The problem, Mayotte, the cost of labor. Mahoran chain of ylang-ylang is not competitive with that of Madagascar or the Comoros, "says perfumer.