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Society and Culture

Mahoran pieces of life

It is important when it comes to Mayotte, not only to discover its many natural resources (lagoon, vegetation, fauna and flora) but also to wander in the villages. At the meeting of Mahorais and their daily lives.

Taking place from June to late August, The "Great Wedding" is a sumptuous feast and traditional

Each year from early June, we hear everywhere in Mayotte "Great Wedding" (or " Haroussi ), a celebration of a period of one week in more seal - a second time the union of a couple, is an opportunity for the families involved and particularly that of the husband to show the whole village, if not the whole island, its wealth

Mother of 4 children, employed full time and ... "free"!

Do not misunderstand the word "free"! D. Y, 39, is married, a mother and happy to be. While raising her four children (10, 7, 6 and 1 year) with the help of her teacher husband, she said " free " simply because it works. "Thanks " because it works should write there. Yet it is not easy every day.