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Mother of 4 children, employed full time and ... "free"!

Femmes mahoraises

Do not misunderstand the word "free"! D. Y, 39, is married, a mother and happy to be. While raising her four children (10, 7, 6 and 1 year) with the help of her teacher husband, she said " free " simply because it works. "Thanks " because it works should write there. Yet it is not easy every day.

Family Y. Bouéni lives, just south of the island, and D. . ... working on Mamoudzou or more than an hour away.
Every day, D. sounds the alarm at 5am, pray (alone) took a shower then will lift children, wash and prepare breakfast. It is " speed " notes "she smiles! Her husband takes over and ensures that the three seniors go to Koranic school (*) and D. jump in a taxi that is taking off around 6:30 from her home. The latest will be conducted at the Mother D. fortunately, and as is often the case in families Mahoran, lives next door.

Nearly an hour later, D. arrives at the Cavani CRIJ (Regional Information Center Youth), which is his workplace since 1995. Its precise function: "Youth Information". Up to 16h 30 - and sometimes without a break - it will listen and advise, refer young people who seek their careers. Not to mention the meetings in-house. A job she loves to meet people it allows to make contact with the incessant "outsider."

D.Y. working since the age of 23 years before getting married. " Should be necessary, particularly in relation to men Mahorais which, although they have evolved, are still struggling to accept that their wives or independently. It is essential to assert itself and we can not do if you do not work . Secretary - documentalist - typed in charge of the home (often both!) In High School then Kahani Journal of Mayotte before arriving at CRIJ, DY BEP has entered into a secretariat and a BEATEP (Brevet d'Etat d'Animateur Technician Popular Education and Youth). While she was already married, she went in France and Réunion to complete his training, leaving, in fact, several months. "My husband kindly accepted and handled the children, with the help of my mother .

Same desire to move forward with her husband, a teacher without a bachelor, spent his last year DAEU (2) to be upgraded as required today, the Vice-Rector and will address the FLE ( F English -L anguage E trangers) to specialize.
Tenacity, the need to learn to move on, "to be brave " are values that every day with young people it receives, and to his children, DY trying to get across. With a smile and a great conviction!
(1) During the holidays, a Koranic school in the morning and during the school year it takes place in the afternoon from 14h to 16h, after school secular and snack lunch.

(2) Diplôme d'Accès aux Etudes Universitaires (DAEU) is a national diploma recognized as the Bachelor. It confers the same rights as the latter.

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