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On the trail of Dzoumogné to Acou

Piste Dzoumogné-Acoua

This beautiful track, for several kilometers, has been extended until Acou. It is complete since November 2007. Nearly 6 hours roundtrip, with a good slope, but with no difficulty.

Over its entire length, unless torrential rain the previous days, this trail is passable by car ... high wheel because it must pass two gates.
 But it is so pleasant to walk. In part or in its entirety. In this second case, the return is a bit long (about 6am), he must try to get back to its point of departure by a car.
In the village of Dzoumogné, longer college (which displays in the middle of his court, the chimney of an old sugar factory) by leaving it on the right and continue straight. Take the track slightly to the left. Leaving his car.

Fast enough, you reach the bottom of the hill reserve ", an artificial body of water. The bypass on the left. It runs along the river Bandrani. ... At the beginning, the trail follows the same route as the GR, then about 500m from the reserve hill ", it takes on the left. A sign in red 'Acou Track "indicates bifurcation.

The trail passes through a magnificent tropical vegetation, which will gradually thicken. Coconut badamiers, banana trees, huge mango trees, giant bamboo and even lemon and orange wild ... The slope, non-existent at the beginning, will be felt and will continue almost to the crest (which is achieved after about 2 hours walk). From there, beautiful view: to the east, the Port Longoni southerly Sada.

Then descent to Acou.

Laurence de Susanne -