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Getting here

Before coming to Mayotte

The best seasons to get to Mayotte (climate and airfare): May / June and September / October.
Come on the island in the lagoon does not require preparation exceptional, far away. An identity card or passport, but no mandatory vaccination of good anti-mosquito in his suitcase. A bag full of swimsuits, clothes and light cotton long pants to avoid mosquito bites from some in the evening or during the hikes, snorkel and mask, hat and sunscreen. And if you forget something, do not panic: Mayotte is a French island where you find everything you need, including pharmacies and hospital level. You will therefore only two concerns: finding a flight at the best price and choose your accommodation. This site is there to help you !

Fly to the island of Mayotte...

Three airlines now serving the island of Mayotte from the city: Air Austral (the first to open a link on Mayotte and that provides the greatest frequency of flights), Kenya Airways (via Nairobi) and, in steadily since May 8 2009, Corsairfly. The company, which entered for the first time in the sky Mahorais in June 2007, offers a weekly flight direct from Paris to Mayotte (Friday)! But this same company will return to Madagascar Mayotte / Paris (Saturday).
Indeed, the door of Mayotte is its airport, located Pamandzi on Petite-Terre. Its runway is too short, would not allow wholesale carriers operating long-haul to take off fully loaded (fuel + passengers). For arrival in Mayotte, however, it is possible: the tanks are nearly empty during the years ... so there was no direct flight to Europe and Mayotte. Aircraft from France or traveling passed by the Meeting or by Kenya, as is still the case for Southern Air and Kenya Airways. We must, in this case, counting a dozen or even more hours of travel including stopovers (eg in recent months back Paris / Mayotte with Kenya Airways require a night - paid by the company - in Nairobi) . Another explanation: the market is too small to absorb the direct flights of large ...
Details: Southern Air and Kenya Airways landing at Paris-Roissy, Corsaifly to Paris-Orly.

Accommodation on Mayotte

There are now only ten hotels in Mayotte, two upscale without being at the 4 stars of Mauritius for example.


The kitchen Mahoran home is simple and not very diverse.

What to do in Mayotte?

All those who love nature, the beautiful tropical landscapes, and water sports will find hiking trails on the mid-maki, lazing on a beautiful deserted beaches, palm-mask and snorkel over coral, turtles and of fish to hand and shorebirds, stroll on the lagoon in search of dolphins and whales, bivouac on the islands, diving cylinder, water skiing, fishing, sailing or rent boats and charters to which it ... be added paragliding, microlight and golf. Without forgetting the wandering in the markets. The palette is rich.
Only those looking to party every night in a box or a bar will be connected rather frustrated.

Memories of the islands of Mayotte

The craft is weak especially when compared to that of Madagascar. Indeed what we found in some shops are often the "Big Island".
If it is discreet, it is this: basketwork (woven raffia or lianas) with Sada hats, baskets, drumsticks and models of canoes and musical instruments made of wood, pottery, gold and silver worked very finely (to Sada yet), fans of marriage (Chicon). There are also salt Bandrélé in pretty bags, vanilla and essence of Ylang-Ylang.