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Fly to the island of Mayotte...

Three airlines now serving the island of Mayotte from the city: Air Austral (the first to open a link on Mayotte and that provides the greatest frequency of flights), Kenya Airways (via Nairobi) and, in steadily since May 8 2009, Corsairfly. The company, which entered for the first time in the sky Mahorais in June 2007, offers a weekly flight direct from Paris to Mayotte (Friday)! But this same company will return to Madagascar Mayotte / Paris (Saturday).
Indeed, the door of Mayotte is its airport, located Pamandzi on Petite-Terre. Its runway is too short, would not allow wholesale carriers operating long-haul to take off fully loaded (fuel + passengers). For arrival in Mayotte, however, it is possible: the tanks are nearly empty during the years ... so there was no direct flight to Europe and Mayotte. Aircraft from France or traveling passed by the Meeting or by Kenya, as is still the case for Southern Air and Kenya Airways. We must, in this case, counting a dozen or even more hours of travel including stopovers (eg in recent months back Paris / Mayotte with Kenya Airways require a night - paid by the company - in Nairobi) . Another explanation: the market is too small to absorb the direct flights of large ...
Details: Southern Air and Kenya Airways landing at Paris-Roissy, Corsaifly to Paris-Orly.

Finally, when traveling in the Indian Ocean from Mayotte (to Madagascar, Anjouan, Moheli, Grande Comore and Zanzibar), there is an outsider: Comores Aviation.

Air Austral via Saint-Denis de La Réunion provides daily links Paris-Roissy/Mayotte/Paris-Roissy. But it is also possible to start from Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse.

Air Austral offers a combined ticket Plane / TGV for those who want to directly go to a French provincial town. No change of station or airport, the TGV leaving and arriving at the terminal CDG2 such as Air Austral. Passengers must collect their luggage, take the shuttle to terminal 2C and appear at TGV AIR located in the station 20 minutes before the departure of their train, where their flight coupon will be exchanged against a train ticket . 19 provincial stations are affected by this partnership: Aix en Provence TGV - Angers St Laud - Avignon TGV - Bordeaux Saint Jean - Le Mans-Lille Europe Lyon Part-Dieu - Saint Charles Marseille - Montpellier St Roch - Nantes - Nîmes - Poitiers -- Rennes - Saint Pierre des Corps (Tours) - Toulon - Valence TGV - Gare TGV Champagne (Reims) - Gare TGV Lorraine (Metz) - Strasbourg Gare.

The Air France-KLM provides, since 16 June 2007, the line Paris-Orly/Mayotte/Paris-Orly via Nairobi (Kenya) in partnership with Kenya Airways (Air France holds 26% of the Kenyan company).
It offers three flights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday). Minimum price economy class and low-season: 982 euros TTC. Maximum price economy class and in high season: 1603 euros TTC.
Opportunity also to take Mayotte / Marseille and vice versa for a significant surplus in low season.
About the site Air France or Kenya Airways

Corsairfly: this airline - Borders Group News - entered for the first time in the sky Mahorais in June 2007, providing up to end January 2009, flights on the most loaded. She has liaised and Mayotte Paris-Orly/Mayotte / Paris-Orly during the three seasons in June / September 2007 June / September 2008 and Saturday 13 December 2008 Friday 23 January 2009. Immediately after the results of the referendum of 29 March 2009 (95.6% of the inhabitants of Mayotte want the island to become a french department), announced a Corsairfly Paris-Orly/Mayotte/Paris-Orly weekly from 8 May 2009.
If you are in Mayotte, please contact its representatives: Maoré Travel (Tel: 02 69 61 87 73) or Mayotte Holidays (Tel: 02 69 61 25 50).
If you are in Paris, see our address here against.

Fares return economy class will therefore from 900 € to 2000 € TTC TTC next season. Rates are highest in economy class: at Christmas and during the months of July and August.

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