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Emergencies and Health  

Emergency Services (SMUR, the equivalent of SAMU in France): 15 or 02 69 61 86 86  

Doctors on call: 06 39 69 00 00  

Police: 17  

Firefighters: 18  

Mamoudzou Hospital: 02 69 61 80 00 (ask for including details of pharmacies on duty on weekends and holidays):  

Rescue at sea: 02 69 62 83 89  

Customs: 02 69 61 42 22  

Time Difference  

+ 2 or h + 1 h relative to France in Mayotte métropolitaineL'heure is GMT + 3 hours. In France, we are at GMT +1 hour. That means that during the winter (the last Sunday of October to last Sunday in March) you add 2 hours from the time of metropolitan France, and only 1 hour during the Summer hours (from the last Sunday of March to last Sunday in October). Example: in winter, when 12 h 00 to Paris, he is 14 to 00 h Mamoudzou.

Money and banks  

The currency is, of course, the euro. Four banks are present in Mayotte:  

  • Banque Francaise du Commerce de l'Océan Indien (BFCOI) with three agencies (Mamoudzou, Petite Terre and Sada)  
  • Crédit Agricole with a branch at Cavani (south Mamoudzou)  
  • Banque de la Réunion in central Mamoudzou (Wedding Place)  
  • The BRED. Also in central Mamoudzou (Market Place)  

Managing your bank account Mayotte requires patience. The counters are open from 7:30 to 11:30 and 13:30 to 15:30 and from Monday to Friday. No bank is, for the moment, opened on Saturday.

Where to buy newspapers?  

There is not, strictly speaking, Maison de la presse à Mayotte or office tobacco / dealer newspaper. There are a dozen outlets of newspapers on the island. Including four to Mamoudzou (House of Books, the kiosk in the arrival of the barge in front Habari Shoppi in central Mamoudzou and in the commercial gallery Jumbo score Majicavo - LAMIRI, located a few kilometers north of Mamoudzou. On national newspapers, they arrive in the island between 4 and ... 15 days after their release on the mainland.

Post Offices  

There are twelve post offices on the island of Mayotte.  

Beware of opening days and times (updated on 25/10/2007)  

  • Mamoudzou (tel: 02 69 61 11 11) and Kaweni (suburb north of Mamoudzou) - Monday to Friday: open from 7am to 17h, Sat: 8am to 12pm
  • Pamandzi: Monday to Friday: open from 7am to 17h, Sat: 7am to 11am  
  • Combani, cocoons, Sada, Dembéni, Bandrélé, Dzoumogné: Monday to Friday: open from 8am to 12pm and from 14h to 16h, Sat: 8am to 11am
  • Passamainty and M'Tsamboro: Monday to Thursday: open from 8am to 12pm and from 14h to 16h, Friday and Saturday: 8am to 12pm. Hours: 8am to 16h.  
  • Kani-Keli : Monday to Saturday open from 8am to 11am  


Mail and parcels  

La Poste de Mayotte uses colors and signage of the metro. But it issues its own stamps. Be careful: the metropolitan stamps can not be used in Mayotte. Conversely, stamps bearing the words "Mayotte" can be used to send mail from the mainland. The tariff rate is identical to the Metropolitan to 20gr. Delays in delivery are common and related problems of air.


They are more than a dozen to Mamoudzou. There are also in the four villages where there is a post office: Chirongui, Combani, Pamandzi and Dzoumogné.

Water and electricity  

Water is officially drinkable. But it sometimes has a taste of soil or mold. Water sold in supermarkets and grocery stores under the name "water table" is much better. One solution: water source, quite expensive (about 1.20 euro a liter bottle and a half).

Warning to waste: Water is scarce in Mayotte. The prévisonnistes of SIEAM (Syndicat Intercommunal Water and Sanitation Mayotte) provide that if the provisions are not taken, there will be no drinking water in Mayotte since 2020!

Electricity: 220 volts; taken French.  


The amount of the minimum wage (minimum wage) performed Mayotte gradually catching up with its metropolitan counterpart. The adjustment takes place annually in July. Since 1 July 2008 on Mayotte Smig amounts to 5.49 € / hour 927.81 € / month gross or € 867.50 per month net, against 4.89 € / hour 826.41 € / month gross so far. On 2 February 2007, all the social partners signed an agreement allowing an increase of programmed Smig (minimum wage guaranteed insertion) until 1 July 2010, where it represents 85% of the national minimum wage.
Since 1 July 2008 on Mayotte Smig accurately represents 63% of gross wage and 75% of net national minimum wage.

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