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The few common sense recommendations for your stay in place under the best conditions.

in order to minimize theft and possible assault

Keep smiling, respectful, modest, greet people you meet in your walks, beaches, do not display your wealth, "you dress properly at all times: banner skirts, dresses or shorts too short.

Do not leave anything valuable in your car, open your glove box to show it is empty and turn your sun visor to show that you have not left your car papers

On the beach, when you go swimming, entrust your business to someone or go swim in turn.

In your home or apartment, your hotel or your house, do not leave valuables within two meters of "nacos (these windows made of glass slides or tilting Plexiglas) by a system of fishing rod, thieves steal your mobile phone, paper, jewelry, wallet ... or just a bunch of bananas because children of illegal immigrants, sometimes alone on the island, hungry!

Do not talk about ...

The policy in general, local parties, the possible future conversion of Mayotte in french department (this issue will be submitted to a referendum among the inhabitants of the island in 2008), the relationship between Mayotte and the other three islands of the archipelago of the Comoros. Unless fully acquainted with the history of Mayotte, the Comoros and all their shady political

In the lagoon

The lagoon is safe in general. It must still never catch - even for the next release - a shell-shaped cone whose bite is fatal. To avoid confusion with other benign conical shells, do not touch! Anyway, it is forbidden to bring what shell whatsoever. Do not touch the flying scorpion fish or fish-stone. Their bites are very painful, dangerous and often necrosis.
Do not touch or walk on coral. Be careful with your fins.

On hiking trails

Generally preserved and clean when you're away villages, do not throw rubbish.

Do not be surprised if a (e) Mahorais (e) do not address

... Or not yet. Either he (or she) does not include french or he (or she) is a little tetanize (e) by shyness

do not to your sweetheart (e) so languorously in public

Alcohol is prohibited anywhere but eat it with great moderation

Avoid during Ramadan, eating and drinking without restraint ... in public and during the day

Obey traditions but do not be demagogues. You have the right to grumble when the service is casual or hygiene very weak

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