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Transport, telecom and internet

Airlines serving Mayotte

around on the island

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There is no public transit on the island of Mayotte, no bus, except for taxis that carry several clients. On arrival at the airport, if nobody is waiting for you with its own car, you take a taxi, which, for 1 euro during the day, 1.2 euro on evenings and weekends, will lead you to the barge. Unless you are staying on Petite-Terre, of course.

The taxi is a mode of transportation quite satisfactory.

Since 1 September 2007, it costs:

  • 1.10 euros on a flat in Mamoudzou and its surroundings (Kaweni, Cavani, M'Tsapéré ...)  
  • Mamoudzou between 1.30 euros and villages that are in a periphery of 10 to 15kms (Trevan, Koungou, Vahibé, tsoundzou 1 and 2)
  • 4 euros to Bouéni Mamoudzou (which is at the extreme south of the island).

On Little Earth, move the barge to the beach or beaches Badamiers Moya costs 3 euros (6 euros return).


Petite-Terre (where the airport) and Grande-Terre, the two islands of Mayotte, is connected by a barge that carries passengers and vehicles. The payment of the return transportation is made solely to the ferry to Mamoudzou in Grande-Terre. When you arrive in the airport ... crossing Little Earth / Grande-Terre is free.

The crossing takes about 15 minutes.


  • return ticket: € 0.75
  • log 10: € 7
  • Map  monthly: 12 €


Petite Terre / Grande-Terre

Monday to Friday : every half hour from 5:30 until 20h, then every hour from 20h to midnight (until 3 on Friday)

Saturday and eve of holidays: all ½ hours from 7am until 20h, then every hour from 20h until 3am on Saturdays and eve festivals

Sunday and holidays : every half hour from 7am until 20h, then every hour from 20h to midnight

Grande-Terre/Petite Earth

Monday to Friday : every half hour from 6am until 20:30, then every hour from 20:30 to midnight thirty (until 3:30 on Friday)
Saturday and eve of holidays: all ½ hours starting from 7:30 until 20:30, then every hour from 20:30 until 3:30
Sunday and holidays : every half hour from 7.30am until 20.30 and then every hour from 20:30 to midnight thirty


fixed and mobile

  • Contact Mayotte from the city , direct dial 02. 69 + 6 digit number you want if you call a fixed line, 06 39 plus 6 figures if you call a mobile (mobile phones went into service in Mayotte in November 2001)
  • To join the metropolis from Mayotte
  • No indication or prefix. Direct number of your correspondents that you call as a landline to a mobile
  • Contact Mayotte from abroad
  • subscribers to fixed Mayotte: 262 269 XX XX XX  
  • to mobile subscribers of Mayotte: 262 639 XX XX XX

A Mayotte: different operators and tariffs

Phone Number

France Telecom has a monopoly on fixed lines.

the city to Mayotte , minute costs between 40 and 60 euro cents from private shops offering telephone calls to the world. home , if you want to call often metropolis to Mayotte, better take a package from France Telecom (59 euros per month in 2008 ).

Mayotte to the mainland but also to major European Union countries , it is much cheaper to buy prepaid cards available in all the small grocery of the island: it dials the number of a server followed by the # key and then the code that appears on the back of the card again followed by the # key after scratching revealed and, finally, the number of his correspondent. All operators offer: SFR, Orange, and Stoi Only. They cost 3, 6,10 or 15 euros. Next minute the case for the city is up to 0.003 or 0.005 cts. These cards also work from public telephone booths (there are twenty in the island) but it will then bring in more, a France Telecom card to call the telephone server. The prepaid card is the cheapest the Ekocard.

Mobiles (often called GSM Mayotte)
Regarding motives, three operators share a market already almost saturated: SFR (installed on the island and the first dependent SFR Réunion), Orange and Only (offering mobile services since the spring of 2007). The constantly changing prices, we can not mention them here. Play competition.

A "good plan", if you have a computer and an internet connection ( see below) : log onto the Internet, download Skype , create a profile and a nickname, ask your correspondents to their own user name and telephone and via internet ( the "pros" call it "the IP phone). You communicate through the integrated microphone to your computer and it will not cost you anything (except, of course, the cost of Internet connection, largely amortized). The flow rate was low in Mayotte, the conversations are sometimes chopped and moderately audible.

Internet at home

No DSL here and therefore the very low speed (56Kb per second). As in metropolitan France at the beginning of the Internet, the individual connects to the Internet via a modem and telephone line. Therefore or fixed line or internet. Clearly it is necessary to disconnect from the Internet to make telephone calls via the phone. On 16 August 2007, France Telecom has lowered the price of its monthly subscription for unlimited Internet: 16.72 € / month instead of 20.90 € / mois.STOI and Guetali (subsidiary SFR Reunion) offer the average speed satellite and Wi-Fi but it is necessary that the office or home that wants to be connected to their antennas. Only part of the east coast is covered, which of course is the one that houses the economy of the island solvable. And this solution costs a little expensive for the individual!


points cyber cafes and public

We are census. The list will be available by December 2008.

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