A meet with dolphins and terns

Dauphin stenelle long bec

One hundred dolphins "Stenella", terns resting on a small white island least known as the Pointe de Saziley, white crab in the mangroves: Possible meetings throughout the year in Mayotte

One hundred dolphins "Stenella", terns resting on a small white island least known as the Pointe de Saziley, white crab in the mangroves: Possible meetings throughout the year in Mayotte

Dolphins, turtles, whales, and even some Dogon sperm: wildlife - including mammals - the lagoon of Mayotte is a richness and diversity exceptional.
For some of these animals, the event is common and occurs throughout the year. This is the case of dolphins. Others are concentrated in a few months of the year (July to October for whales) or exceptional (dugongs, sperm whales, sharks).

Starting at 8:30 in the dock of the marina Mamoudzou on the boat made in China on the original Sea Blue Safari. Taud (= plastic sheeting which can be mostly in the shade) and comfortable seats with cushions. At the controls: Nils Bertrand. Small "brief" the skipper to explain the course of the day.
First stop at the island M'Tsongoma

Direction, north to Point Douamonyo, often called the peninsula of Handrema, named after the village nestled in the cove that precede it. Along the coast.

First stop at the island M'Tsongoma facing M'Tsangamboua, bristling a bitter white. Especially small and beautiful beach falling about thirty feet from its north shore. Fins, mask, snorkel. Corals, small fish and a turtle that nested in the coral rock.

Everyone re-embarkation, without precipitation.
They are a hundred

Next step: the dolphins. Everyone is asked to widening of the eyes.

Well after the peak Douamonyo and M'Tsamboro island, towards the Great Barrier Reef, all of a sudden gushes of water, as huge splash. Then, very quickly, all sides, back and wings gray and shiny. These dolphins "Stenella" that there are two kinds: Stenella spotted - they are those who now frolicking joyfully before the bow of the boat - and Stenella long beak that we will see. They are a hundred, we remain almost an hour to watch, engine idling. But not swim with them because it is a species that does not close with this man.

We leave with regret.
Heading towards the white block "the terns'

Heading south towards the "other" white island of Mayotte, which is less known than the south-east of the island near the tip of Saziley.
We baptized: terns to the island, the name of these birds that cover all its 800 m2 and also called "sea swallows."
When we arrived, very discreet, they will rest and then fly as soon as we move away. Magical spectacle, of great beauty. Terns black - strong minority - do not mix with the colony of white terns.
Laying on the island: one is brewing in the ripples. Nils warns: Beware informed. And reminds us that everything should remain intact: it is strictly prohibited to collect shells.

Behind us, to the north, the large island of M'Tsamboro we see the beautiful beach of golden sand clear Antakoudja and islets Choazil with the language of long glittering white sand.

He is 13h 30. Nils chooses to place the anchor on the beach for the Prefect pique-nique/déjeuner. Nap, reading trade.

In turn, plunged into the mangrove Bouyouni. Take IGN map: it is quite possible that one channel to return ... to the national road. Engine idling. It was changed in a few seconds universe: water cloudy and green, cries of birds (one crabber white?), Tortured roots of mangroves, crabs violinists, périophtalmes (small fish and amphibian jumper) ... Nils Bertrand explains the importance the role of the mangroves. The attrition brings sediment to mangrove; it all added to the waste from humans. Mangrove roots in fixed sludge and waste, is used as a filter. And the water of the lagoon are clear a few tens of meters away. Mangroves also protect the land from the sea against the waves and cyclones. Finally it serves as a nursery for many species that come to spawn.
The mangrove is in the public domain maritime and should not be modified (cutting of mangroves, earth ...) or soiled.

It was the last stop on our day we set foot on the dock at the port of Mamoudzou at 17h.

Laurence de Susanne - IleMayotte.com