White island beaches Sazilé

Plage de  Sazilé

Starting point: Moutsamoudou beach, south-east of the island. A boat takes you along for the day, between beaches and islets with white sand. Bath, mask and snorkel-picnic in the program.

Direction: the south-east. Down the coast to Moutsamoudou (also called Mtsamoudou), park his car on the small square at the bottom of the village, near the beach.

Climb into the boat you have booked for the day (see "tip"). We will take care of mask, fins and snorkel, sunscreen, hat and plenty of water. All in a backpack.
Depending on the tide, the fishermen will take you first of all to the white block (plus it is discovered the better because it allows us to venture out with water to the ankles, a long language extends the sand), either on the first beach Sazilé (or Saziley), located before the peak of the same name.

In both cases, a long swim past to admire the funds needed: the fall - very nice - is 250 meters from the beach and the island offers sandy turquoise very "postcard." Warning: there may be common around the island.

It is time then to a picnic, usually in one of three other beaches that are after the peak. The meal cooked on a wood fire laid on the sand will be composed, of course, fish grilled or in sauce, accompanied by cassava, fruit bread or bananas and rice. With brede if you're lucky. No dessert: make your own fruit.
Reading, napping and swimming. The return is around 16h.

A tip: if possible, make the trip between ocean and beach on a weekday because the white island loses much of its charm if there are other people you ...

A variation: bivouac on the beach after the peak, where a brigade "nature" has a local disk and remain there overnight. You'll be safe. And ask the fisherman to come and find you the next day.

Laurence de Susanne - IleMayotte.com