Mahoran pieces of life

It is important when it comes to Mayotte, not only to discover its many natural resources (lagoon, vegetation, fauna and flora) but also to wander in the villages. At the meeting of Mahorais and their daily lives.

Markets on the roadside, small shops, school outings, groups of men in large discussion in the mosque, cooking, washing dishes or clothes in the course, football on the beach, children playing in culverts under the tropical rain ... Small towns and villages where anime unfortunately often the cement and iron - a sign of upward mobility for Mahorais but ugly and heat-accumulators replaced the mud and raffia palms plaited coconut. And where cleanliness "to the West" was not acceptable even if the progress in recent years are obvious. You will be surprised by the number of unfinished concrete buildings ... The beautiful bright colored houses are social housing built by the Société Immobilière de Mayotte-SIM (16 000 over the whole island). The tiny buildings, species doll house often cob are famous bangs, built by the boys and adolescents to be independent of their parents and receive their girlfriend.
Few gardens except in some villages (Bandabroua, M'Zouazia ...).
The Mahorais stay in their house, behind metal fences or concrete, sometimes braided palm or bamboo, doors and shutters almost always closed. To avoid that the heat does but also because the Muslim religion is modest.

Greet people you meet (Hello = "Kwezi", or more familiar "Gégé" to review = "Kwaheri"), thank them when you make a service ( "Maharaba) scenery and authenticity guaranteed

Laurence de Susanne -