Hiking from the beach Tsingoni Soho

De Tsingoni à  la plage de Sohoa

This hike, which takes the GR 1 - for its entire length has many advantages: the views over the bay of Tsingoni at the beginning of the ride is superb, the path is almost perfectly along route, vegetation and diverse arrival at the beach of Soho is a real pleasure: you can plunge with delight into the ocean before returning in the opposite direction.

Starting point: a few hundred meters from the village of Tsingoni, on the road to Mamoudzou is a junction with the road that goes to M'Tsangamouji to the north. School and football field. GR starts on the right coming from Tsingoni, with a path of red soil, forest road-type vehicles.
After a hundred meters, beautiful escape right over the top of the village of Tsingoni perched on the hill and the bay of the same name. We spend about a hundred meters as the crow flies Karian Lake, nature reserve (see our report).
The vegetation is dense. Several meetings with maki and some zebus. Banana plantations, coconut provided, giant bamboo hedges, ylang-ylang not pruned for many years and, the coup, led by candlelight. The wide track turns into a trail follows the river and crosses Ourovéni (small ford a few stones). The forest reserve is located in Soho on our right. Only two small ribs essoufflent you a little. A stream on the right path and it's arrival on the beach in Soho, at its northern end, ie the quietest.
Round trip: 1h45.

Laurence de Susanne - IleMayotte.com

What You Need to Bring with

* Map of Mayotte or IGN IGN map 4410 MT (Northern Mayotte)
* "The island of Mayotte on foot ..." - (tour of the island by the way of great hiking-GR) - French Federation of hiking