Tour du Lac Dzaha and down to the beaches of Moya

vue du fare sur la premiere anse Moya

This is the most beautiful and most famous rides of Petite Terre ... and rightly so. The tour of this lake of emerald green crater offers an overview of Little Earth, a part of the lagoon and the beautiful beaches of Moya to which one descends.

Mayotte is the rest emerged, very eroded, two former major volcanoes of the Tertiary era (dating back to 6 to 8 million years). Petite-Terre is the newest part of the island. It is the result of a series of explosions that have taken place around 10 000 years it has trained "Maars, ie craters exploded: the two inlets of Moya, craters flooded by Ocean, and the crater - intact and round - which houses the Lake Dzaha are the remains.

The starting point of the ride is on the road Badamiers (CTC 10), after Labattoir 1. Browse 2kms and then at the fork near a mango tree, take the track (marked GR, white and red) which starts on the right. After 250m the track divides in two. Turn left. Here the view is superb: on the right, the lake at the bottom of the crater, emerald green, left view of the rock Dzaoudzi, the old fortified city and its harbor. Further, Grande-Terre.
Making a fare. The track becomes trail. Around the lake (incomplete) will last 40 minutes. Junction with signs. Turn left, continue along the ridge (130m) and new fork. Turn left again until you reach a new faré overlooking beautiful beaches and Moya MoyaI II. Stop needed.
Continue 300m, a new intersection. Let the trail to the left, continue straight ahead. After 300 m, new intersection, leaving the trail that starts on the right. Continue on a grassy track which first arrived on the beach Moya, light brown sand. Very nice rounded handle almost closed and bordered on the south of a mangrove.
Warning: This hike is not shady, take a hat and water. Down near the lake is not attractive insects ... and unpleasant odors.

Laurence de Susanne -

What You Need to Bring with

* IGN Tourist Map of Mayotte 000th or 1.50 map IGN 4410 MT (Northern Mayotte)

* "The island of Mayotte on foot ..." - (tour of the island by the way of great hiking-GR)-French Federation of hiking